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Parkour By Tempest Freerunning



Premiering Adrenalist videos on your laptop to limited fanfare? Chastised by parents who call your jumping out of a plane irresponsible? Stopped in the middle of a Parkour stunt by a girlfriend who thinks you’re being “weird”? You’re frustrated to be alone in your thirst for adventure.

Well, dear reader, it seems like you might need to find yourself some new pals. We know change is tough, but check out this video of the California-based Tempest Freerunning team and imagine what life could be if you joined their ranks.

The unity of purpose. The appreciation of physicality. The feeling that your shared passion is important and real and forward-moving.

Oh, and once you’ve found your niche, remember to celebrate others who may still be lone wolves. Each t-shirt worn by these Tempest crew members represents another freerunning troop around the world.

That’s respect, and appreciation for talent that is real — and rare.

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