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Parkour Team Farang Hits Mexico



When Team Farang visited Mexico to attend the RT National free running event, they made sure to take full advantage of the country’s Parkour-friendly landscapes.

Team Farang, a crew of talented Parkour traceurs, took on the plazas, roadways and railroad tracks of Mexico with precision and skill. The team members were in the country for the RT National, but didn’t leave without tearing up the streets Farang style. Mexico‚Äôs mix of ancient and modern architecture proved to be a surreal and sublime setting for the crew to break loose.

Pasha, Daer, Jason and Wid move completely in sync with each other, taking on ancient ruins and modern cityscapes. Founded in 2009, Team Farang knows a thing or two about flowing together. Visit to see more of their Parkour exploits and hit the Team Farang Facebook page for the latest news about the team.

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