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Red Bull Devotos de Monserrate Downhill Ride



In North America, downhill cycling is mostly an unknown sport. Regulations here bar event organizers from setting up courses in ecologically sensitive areas, and satisfactory urban terrain just doesn’t exist in the United States. Maybe it’s because we don’t like to walk. Most downhill courses are walkways, after all.

For downhill cyclists, the Andes is where it’s at. Racers like Colombia’s Marcelo Gutierrez (seen above) and Mauricio Estrada are well known up and down the western coast of South America. Challenging cobblestone tracks course like veins through the foothills there, and, every year, new courses emerge.

For centuries, the trail at Monserrate hill was little more than a 1,000-stepped footpath leading up to a church overlooking Bogotá, the capitol of Colombia. On May 11, at the Red Bull Devotos de Monserrate, that trail became a downhill course.

See the video above for Marcelo Gutierrez’s second place finish at a course that Guinness World Records says is longer (2.2km) than any other course on the downhill circuit. More impressive, Gutierrez and the other riders who made it to the bottom now share the record for most stairs ever ridden on a single mountain bike descent (1,034).

The winner of the event? Filip Polc of Slovakia, who beat out Gutierrez by just a single second. We’ve shown you Polc’s downhill heroics down the Valparaiso Cerro Bajo in South America, so chances are we’ll show you them again soon.

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