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Red Bull’s Art Of Wake



Red Bull has done it again.

Earlier this month in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the Lake Prince Felipe Museum was home to a full cable wakeboard park featuring kickers, jibs and rails: making for one of the coolest events we’ve seen in a while.

Featuring some of the most technical modules the industry has ever witnessed, The RedBull Art of Wake kicked off with 32 competitors from all over the world. Riders such as Raph Derome, Marc Rossiter, Dominik Hernler and Jordan Elizondo made an appearance, landing incredible tricks that left the crowd rapturous. The event gathered over 5,000 fans who were able witness the action from an amazing perspective: riders could be within three meters of them at times. As the event continued into the night, Raph Derome was able to clinch his victory by landing heelside 900’s and other jaw-dropping maneuvers.

Check out the recap video above and, though the spectacular setting and adrenaline-fueled wakeboarding probably speaks for itself, hit CC to turn on the subtitles.

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