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Richie Trimble’s 14-Foot-Tall Bike Cruises The Streets of LA



During a CicLAvia event in April, Richie Trimble unveiled the 14.5-feet-high seat and 12-feet-high pedals of his “STOOPIDTALL” tall bike. He bravely and boldly rode with everyone else, ducking beneath traffic lights and overpasses on his way to the finish line.

At one point, as Trimble was going beneath the overpass on the route, the concrete above him kept getting closer and closer before he got out from underneath. The overpass was just 2 inches below Trimble’s knuckles on the handlebars when he finally escaped it’s claustrophobic clutches.

It took Trimble just 12 working hours to assemble the tall bike beast. He used one Huffy beach cruiser and some square and round tubing. He also used a 26 in. single speed coaster brake wheelset and a 6.5 single speed bicycle chain. His DIY ethos, something we appreciate here at The Adrenalist, led to him using an upside down shopping cart and a split log to bend the pipe.

This wasn’t Trimble’s first tall bike, though. He rode a 10 foot bike before, which was famously featured in a 30 Seconds to Mars music video for the song “Kings and Queens.” He’s planning on constructing a world record tall bike later this year, so stay tuned for that. For now, check out Trimble’s ride through the streets of Los Angeles with the other riders at the CicLAvia event, which ended with a gorgeous vista of the Pacific. One view was better than all the rest as Trimble was almost 15 feet higher while winding his way through the other bikers, dumbfounded pedestrians, rubbernecking drivers, and the hazardous construction cones that line Los Angeles roadways like orange specks of seeming disaster.

Right before Trimble climbs off the bike at the end of the video, he actually becomes entangled in a kite string on the pier overlooking the Ocean. That’s how high he’s biking in the air. Look out for his world record tall bike, but in the meantime, this is a first-person ride you don’t want to miss.

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