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Sam Pilgrim Mountain Bikes Japan



Japan is home to more than 500 ski areas and an endless countryside full of picturesque Shinto temples. Despite near perfect terrain, however, very few people choose to freestyle mountain bike in Japan.

MTB pro, Sam Pilgrim, wants to change that. Earlier this year, the freeride/dirt jump mountain biker took his talents on a 12-day journey across the country, evangelizing the sport with massive jumps and street tricks that people usually have to buy tickets to witness. You can pay to see Pilgrim at various stops along the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour, which stops in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, but, as the Teva Blog mentions, not Japan.

At least, not yet.

As Pilgrim discovers, the terrain is there and the interest in MTB is building. A few more “pilgrimages” and Japan may totally be ready to host its own FMB World Tour event.

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