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Skiing a Volcano Overdue To Explode



Okay, so fine, you’re a skier. You scraped together the $80 for a day pass, patiently rode the lift while enduring the incessant ramblings of some nervous soccer mom, and braved the frigid temperatures atop the mountain’s highest, most blustery peak. Great. Good for you.

But here’s a question: Is the mountain you’re prepping to whisk down also an active volcano? Didn’t think so. No, it takes a special breed of adventurer to set their blades atop a ticking time bomb. 

Check out this film teaser showing one crew conquering the 7,470-foot Beerenberg, an active volcano on the island of Jan Mayen (about 600 miles northeast of Iceland). This baby hasn’t blown its lid since 1985. Before that, 1973. Now I’m no volcanologist, but it seems like she might be a little overdue.

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