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This Should Be Your Next Ski Trip



Blanket Glacier Chalet from Skee Films on Vimeo.

While much of North America suffers from some of the least fluffy winter months on record, the snow base in B.C. is doing just fine.

Witness the video above, in which a group of shredders bring their skills and couple cameras to Blanket Glacier Chalet, an 18-person fantasyland cabin located in western Canada’s remote Monashee Mountains.

Night skiing, cliff jumping, helicopter thumping, beer guzzling — this video brings out all of winter’s best, sometimes captured by a GoPro attached to the grip of a ski pole.

Does the footage make you want to strap in and ride? Blanket Glacier Chalet is open for business. Or you could wait for the snow to hit your local mountains. From all of the Adrenalist team to you, we hope you (and we) don’t have to wait for long.

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