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Travis Rice Is Supernatural



Snowboarding master Travis Rice just keeps going bigger. He’s been pushing the edge of possibility on the snow, in the air, and behind the camera for a decade, and is the rare sort who’s known as one of the greatest of all time in each of those domains.

The dude can fly and is hot off of the fall release of his epic, aptly-named film The Art of Flight, in which stunning footage catches him and his peers going to absolutely unprecedented locations with nothing but snowboards, adrenaline, and airtime.

His next project, Supernatural, brings the best backcountry and contest snowboarders in the world to Nelson, British Columbia for an extreme combination of backcountry and contest course, with requisite cameras and helicopters aplenty. The result seems to be nothing short of living up to its title, and this video clip is one of the first glimpses into the legendary gathering. Supernatural airs as a two-hour special on NBC on March 31st.

The Adrenalist caught up with Travis in Nelson last week to work on a collaboration we’ve been developing with him for a while. More on that later.

It’s big.

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