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Winter Means Time to Ride



It’s time to wax that deck and sharpen those edges. You are now cleared for takeoff in one of the largest halfpipes on earth.

On Wednesday, November 23, as brussels sprouts and gravy thickener were flying off the shelf at grocery stores across the US, Mammoth Mountain quietly opened the gates to its 22-foot-deep superpipe.

The Mammoth pipe is the first Olympic-sized pipe in the world to be opened this season, narrowly beating out Copper Mountain’s superpipe, which is expected to open in the coming days.

The keys to Mammoth’s fast start? A dirt skeleton shaped during summer, a team of pro pipe carvers sweating out 20-hour workdays, and a Monday storm that dumped a foot-and-a-half of fresh pow on the Sierra Nevadas. Now all the superpipe needs is riders. Are you ready to fly?

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