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Storror Parkour Team Drops Stunning 2013 Showreel



The members of the Storror Parkour and freerunning team are no strangers to insane stunts and daring acrobatics, but their 2013 highlight reel showcases the team’s best work.

Storror, the group of acrobatic traceurs from southeast England, has been making urban landscapes its playground since 2010. The name “Storror” comes from the founding members’ middle names – Benj Storror Cave and Max Storror Cave started doing Parkour back in 2006. Since then, the name has become synonymous with the group. Team Storror has grown from merely two brothers to a group of eight fully-fledged members. The team’s rep has grown just as much as its size across the Parkour and freerunning scene. Today, the Storror YouTube channel has more than 30,000 subscribers.

Storror’s fans have come to expect certain things from the group, such as clearing huge roof gaps and pulling off perfect double cat passes, as seen in the video “We Are Storrer.” Occasionally, however, the stunts go wrong, as seen in the Storror video blog episode, “Pain is not important.” When that happens, bones break and mouths bleed, but the guys get back up and take on the terrain again.

For the best of what they’ve done, look no further then their 2013 showreel. It’s just the latest of what team Storror has got to show for itself.

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