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Among the most impressive Adrenalist feats are those accomplished by Parkour traceurs. How do we, however, recognize and celebrate the stunning examples of agility most worthy of our praise? Since there’s no official Parkour league and no such thing as a Parkour record book, we must turn to Guinness World Records’ collection of sport-specific triumphs to determine who among the small group of near-superhuman traceurs have achieved at the highest levels.

Here are the title holders for five of the most jaw-dropping Parkour world records being set.

Fastest Time To Jump Over 10 Bars

“Fastest time to jump over 10 bars” might not have an Adrenaline-fueled ring to it, but when seen with your own eyes, it truly is an astonishing achievement. Famed UK freerunner Timothy Graham Shieff appeared on the set of Milan Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record show and made it across 10 bars, arranged 7.5 feet apart, in just 6.3 seconds. As if landing feet first and balancing on bars spaced so far apart isn’t difficult enough, the bars were also arranged to gradually increase in height as Shieff traveled. The highest bar was over 13 feet above the ground. Even with all the time in the world, jumping these bars would be unspeakably challenging, not to mention nerve-racking. To do it in 6.3 seconds seems downright unworldly.

Farthest Backflip Off A Wall 

On May 24, 2010, 3Run Parkour star Chase Armitage set a new world record on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China by backflipping off a wall and over a car, landing 11 feet, 5 inches away from the wall. The previous record, also held by Armitage, was set at the UK-based Pinewood Studios in 2009 and measured 9 ft, 11 inches. That means Armitage bested his previous effort by 1.5 feet in just one year.

Farthest Distance Wall Running 

Wall running horizontally for a distance of almost 11.5 feet must be impossible, right? That kind of athleticism has to span past the realm of human capability; it’s the kind of thing made possible by movie magic, we thought? For most people this is true, but not for German traceur Amadei Weiland. That’s because on July 13, 2012, in Europa Park, Rust, Germany, Weiland set the world record for farthest distance wall running, achieving a span of 11 feet, 5.4 inches. If he ever gets tired of Parkour competitions, this guy’s surely got a bright future in Hollywood action films.

Longest Jump from Feet To Handstand

This video is a display of some real mutant strength and mind-boggling coordination. In November of 2011, German athlete Lukas Steiner set the world record for the longest jump (8.4 feet) from feet to handstand. But, as you’ll plainly see, he doesn’t stop there. After saddling one world record, Steiner still must have felt a little unfulfilled because he immediately set another for the “longest backflip into a pair of pants”. It’s not the most practical method of getting dressed in the morning but, for an Adrenalist, nothing seems more apropos.

Most Backflips Against A Wall In One Minute 

For most, the idea of successfully landing one backflip against a wall is unfathomable enough. For athlete Miguel Marquez, anything less than 28 is now laughable because that’s how many he completed in January of 2009 on the set of Guinness World Records in Madrid, Spain. Oh, and did we mention he did them all in under one minute? That means he pulled off a perfect backflip about every two seconds — and there was no room for anything other than machine-grade perfection. Had Marquez made even the smallest error, his record-setting pursuit would’ve certainly succumbed to the clock’s ticking hands. After that kind of upside-down time, we’re guessing the only thing that felt better than making his mark on Guinness history was the feeling of standing upright for longer than the blink of an eye.

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