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Surf Documentary “Delirium” Highlights Underground Brazil Surf Scene



Brazil has long been known for the incredible soccer players they produce. Those home grown talents usually go on to dominate the top European leagues, before returning to their home country in order to help Brazil hoist another World Cup trophy. There is, however, another sport where Brazil has also produced legends: surfing.

With the completion of the feature length surf documentary, “Delerium: A Trip of Madness,” director, Pablo Aguiar, helped to bring these Brazilian surfers to the forefront. The film is a homage to Brazil’s very best surfers of the 21st century – Alejo Muniz, Miquel Pupo, Gabriel Medina and Adriano de Souza – as well as the lesser-known locals of the Brazil surf scene.

The surfing documentary is also a plea to keep our planet and oceans clean. Brazilian Filmmaker Pablo Aguiar shot the film and spoke to Surfer Today about the project, saying, ”it’s about surf performance, but also brings in its DNA a spark of conscience. It speaks on preserving nature, saving our water and so, through testimonials and conceptual shooting; it is a movie about us, humans, and our planet.”

It’s this “spark” of environmental “conscience” that can be felt throughout the gorgeous shots Aguiar captured from all over the world. The cast and crew rode waves in Fiji, Australia, Mentawai, Balneario Camboriu, Bali, California, and Fernando de Noronha.

Primarily though, the film – which is free to watch in its entirety on Vimeo – ventures to bring more attention to Brazil’s largely underground surf scene.

Aguiar filmed on Canon’s DSLRs 5D and 7D, Panasonic HPX-170 and even a Super 8, and you can tell from the grainy, nostalgic feel of some of the clips. Regardless of the environmental overtones, or the look of the film itself, it’s also just one gnarly ride after another, showcasing the incredible skill and vitality of the Brazilian surfers. Their festive and flamboyant skill mirrors what one would normally associate with a dancing midfielder on the Brazilian soccer team. With summer on the horizon in the U.S., we can take these Brazilian Adrenalists’ moves as inspiration to DO:MORE in the months ahead.

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