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Surfing Alaska: Shredding Ice Waves In The Frigid North



Eric and John Jackson are the snowboarding brothers behind the Redbull TV Series: Brothers on the Run. Last summer, they traveled as far north as the show has ever gone to hang out with fellow snowboarder, Travis Rice and big wave surfer, Ian Walsh. They were in Alaska to film a spot in a secret location. For all its pastoral beauty, many don’t connect the cold climates of Alaska with surfing, but back in January, CNN Travel listed 7 adventures in highly irregular locales, and number two on the list was surfing in Alaska.  They highlighted Ocean Swell Ventures, a small outfit in Homer, Alaska that will take you by boat to actual surf spots. Homer is actually the end of the line for the famous Route 1, which follows the Pacific Coast all the way through the continental United States.

It’s in Homer where the Jackson brothers decided to surf — and if you’ve ever spent time in the frigid waters adjacent to the Bering Sea, you can understand the temerity some would have dropping into that cold water on a surfboard. But surfing Alaska was their goal and the cold didn’t matter for these adventurers, no matter how ridiculous of an environment it was to surf in. The snow-peaked mountains that encompassed the group as they surfed “perfect peelers” in the Ocean Valley below really makes for some majestic panoramic views. So it’s no wonder the group was so stoked about the last day when they finally found some waves to shred.

If you’re a true Adrenalist who appreciates the wonder of nature (and cold, cold weather), surfing Alaska could be the next surf destination you cross of the list. Just don’t forget your wetsuit.

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