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Surfing Flash Mob Hits Saunton Beach



Winter is all but gone, but the cold air is not quite ready to leave Saunton Beach, England. With Atlantic Ocean temperatures the coldest they’ve been in years for this time in early April (buoy water thermometers recorded 44 degrees fahrenheit), Saunton Sands Beach still found a way to celebrate the opening of the surf season in style.

That’s because famous longboarders, including former British longboard champ, Ben Haworth, along with North Devon’s Beau Bromham, Stuart Campbell and Jordan Reed, inacted the equivalent of a surfing flash mob over the Easter Weekend.

As part of filming various sections for Haworth’s upcoming, Unite Surf Film—about the high performance end of surfing—Saunton Beach revelers flocked to the ocean accompanied by the Haworth team. The longboarders were outfitted with some unusual garb and accessories: superhero costumes, foam bats and Hawaiian shirts. Despite the frigid conditions, these guys were excited to open the surf season in style.

Saunton Beach delivered barrels for pro and amateur alike to test their mettle. But the costume-clad surfing flash mob cared less about serious surf moves and more about celebrating the start of spring. It’s the time of year to surf again, weather be damned.

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