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Extreme Surfing on a Shark’s Back



Oregon surfers share the shore with hundreds of 12-foot-long 4,000-pound Great Whites. But very rarely does surfer see shark fin, and it’s even more rare that surfer and shark actually meet. Call what happened to 23-year-old surfer Doug Niblack a once-in-a-blue-moon event.

As Niblack paddled out to one of his favorite breaks off Seaside, Oregon on October 10, something massive and sinister below lurched him into the skies above. When Niblack came back to earth, he found himself balancing on a black and slippery surface — he swears he surfed the shark’s back for three or four seconds. An off-duty coastguard witnessed the event. Jake Marks says he didn’t see the shark, but he saw Niblack standing upright and alone in a patch of churning sea. Imagine the epic encounter yourself, or indulge above for a creative reenactment.


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