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Surfing Into The Slammer



Arrested Chicago Surfer: ‘This is Insane’:

40-year-old Chicago resident Rex Flodstrom has surfed for more than half his life, overcoming hostile locals, rocks and jellyfish at breaks across the globe.

Never before had he dealt with the chilly reception that greeted him on the shores of Lake Michigan last week: handcuffs and 4 hours in the slammer.

Flodstrom bobbed in the frigid water 50 yards offshore as a small crowd gathered on the beach. He thought they were spectators, there to watch him surf the modest swell churning up off of Oak Street just north of downtown Chicago.

In fact, they were cops. Surfing is illegal at Chicago beaches until May 25.

The police confiscated Flodstrom’s board and charged him with disorderly conduct, two counts of violating a park ordinance, and one count of being in a park after hours.

Now the surf community is rising up against the injustice. Kelly Slater took to Twitter in defense of Flodstrom:

“Maybe we should all #OccupyChicago and surf on the 16th at the spot this guy got arrested for surfing last week. Seeing if I can make it.”

We’re not sure what month Slater is referring to, but keep an eye on his Twitter account to see how you can help warm the Windy City to surfing.

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