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Tendai Mtawarira’s Epic Rugby Lift



Would it surprise you if you heard Tendai Mtawarira — the rugby player in this video who takes another professional athlete man and holds him over his head with ease — was nicknamed “The Beast”? No, it probably wouldn’t.

In rugby, lifts like these are important in snagging the long balls and punts that are a huge part of the game, but a typical ruby lift is more controlled and requires far more deliberate planning, mainly because most people aren’t this strong. Most people can’t hold a guy up by his hips and then keep him completely safe when he catches the ball and swings backwards. Tendai Mtawarira doesn’t even so much lift him as he does catch him when the man jumps up, which means he gains control once the guy is already in the air, making the feat even more difficult. Even in the freakishly athletic American football and basketball leagues, there aren’t a lot of guys who could do that.

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