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This DO:toberfest, use advanced workouts to enhance your routine



This DO:toberfest, flip traditional workouts on their heads and push yourself to DO:MORE.

DO:toberfest is the pursuit of improvement, pushing yourself to DO:MORE and finding the challenge within the challenge. The most important part of any workout is changing up your routine as often as possible. You want to continuously push yourself, so keeping workouts fresh and avoiding the stagnation of repetition is key.

Here are five ways to enhance traditional workouts for DO:toberfest.

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Add Leg Work To Your Afternoon Walk

Taking a walk during your lunch break or after dinner is the perfect way to work off some of the calories you just took in. If this is a regular activity for you, then it’s time to kick it up a notch with an advance workout routine. By incorporating some leg work, such as lunges, side squats and long jumps, into your walk, you can DO:MORE.

Get warmed up with a brisk walk for about half of a mile. Each block will be used as an interval point. Do a brisk walk for one block and then switch it up by doing walking lunges the next block. Walk briskly for the third block and then do side squats on the next. For side squats, face one direction, do a squat, pivot your back foot forward so that you are facing the other direction and squat again.

For the days you really want to work hard, you can add in long jumps during one of your intervals. Place your feet shoulder width apart and jump as far forward as you can with both feet. The long jump is more of a plyometric exercise, so it’s normal to feel winded from this.

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Add Sprint Intervals To Your Run

Running is a great exercise because you can simply go right outside and hit the road. As soon as running the same route at the same speed with no changes becomes the norm, however, it is time to switch it up.

The simplest way to enhance a run is by changing your normal routine into a sprint interval exercise. Simple and effective, a an advanced interval workout can do wonders for your body.

Start with a normal paced run for about half of a mile. If you are running on the streets you will use the blocks for your sprint interval points. You will sprint one block and run slowly on the next. Do this for a minimum of one mile. As you become better conditioned you can add another half mile or more as well as shorten your slow run distance.

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Wear A Weighted Vest During Your Run

Throw on a weighted vest when you step outside for a run for an extra challenge. Start with just a few pounds in the vest and work your way up to heavier weight. Most weighted vests have pockets that hold small weights or small sand bags, so you can control the difficulty of your run.

If you have a bad back or knees, don’t add too much weight to the vest. You will know your own weight limit once you strap that vest on and run about half a mile. Start with one mile and either add mileage each time or add a little weight each time for an advanced routine.

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Multi-task Your Weight Training

Traditionally, weight training involves working one specific muscle at a time with free weights or machines. The routine has a set amount of weight, reps and sets. In order to enhance this workout, you will need to break from the norm. By working out two different muscles simultaneously, you get an intense workout heightened by your multi-tasking.

Using 2 dumbbells (weight will depend on what you are capable of, but should be at least 10 pounds), hold one dumbbell in each hand and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Curl the weights up to your shoulders. Once there, sit down into a squat and then press back up with your heels.

Bring weights back down to your sides and repeat. Instead of counting reps, time yourself. Start with a minute, with 30-second breaks. Then, do it again for 2-4 sets.

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Step Up Your Ab Work

Sit-ups and crunches are the key to strengthening ab muscles. Fortunately, there are many variations to ab work. In order to work the abs from top to bottom, you will need to engage the lower part of your body as well. This is a great way to bring the traditional sit-up to the next level.

Lie down with arms and legs straight on the floor. Bring your entire torso up at the same time as you bring your legs off the ground. Use your left hand to touch your right foot where they meet at the top. As you bring your arm and leg down, alternate to your right hand touching your left foot. The key here is that the only body part touching the ground is your lower back.

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