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Tim Knoll Masterfully Combines Flatland BMX Tricks And Parkour



Urban BMX artist, Tim Knoll is at it again. The master of flatland tricks has produced his best video yet.

If you’re not familiar with Tim Knoll, he’s the BMX wizard most closely associated with flatland tricks, an advanced style of BMX riding performed on smooth surfaces without any ramps, jumps or big air. His crazy street trials have been displayed on Pink Bike and this isn’t the first time we’ve been impressed by his antics, as seen in this Vimeo video. This time, however, we can wholeheartedly say, Tim Knoll has brought BMX and Parkour together as close as they’ll ever be.

Knoll utilizes his surroundings in the exact same way Parkour traceurs do, swinging on poles for momentum, jumping up and down stairs in unorthodox ways and turning anything available into an opportunity for a trick, like basketball hoops and truck trailers.

Here at The Adrenalist, we’re waiting with bated breath to see what Knoll does next. Until then, if you’re like us, continue to hit repeat on the video above.

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