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Try Brushboarding and surf without water



No wheels, no water, no snow, no problem.

Those are the characteristics you can expect from brushboarding, an innovative new sport that allows you to ride in a completely new way: down a quarter-pipe constructed of quickly rotating brushes. The carpet of rotating round brushes recreates the sensation of dropping in on a wave or quarter-pipe. The wave-simulating technology can serve as instantly-accessible training applications for athletes. Instead of flying around the world, chasing ideal conditions, Adrenalists can simulate the waves they’re looking for and hit the brushes in order to stay on their game. On top of that, brushboarding can provide a supplemental workout to help build core strength and fitness.

New opportunities to brushboard are burgeoning, spreading from roots in the U.K. This week, Europe’s top surf, skate and music festival, Sea Sessions, will be hosting the sport amidst partying and competition. The brush ramp will also challenge Adrenalists at the new Airkix indoor skydiving center in Basingstoke.

It may be tempting for some to brush off brushboarding as a toy or a fad, but remember that many people have done extraordinary things with other up and coming sports. Sports like bag jumping, ice cross and even skateboarding, in fact, were all thought to be fads. We have a feeling that brushboarding will continue to grow, not just as a tool, but as an entirely new sport.

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