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Tunnel Flying Team Takes On Dubai and Singapore In Skydive Videos



Skydiving is one thing if you’re just jumping out of a plane and feeling the rush as you plummet towards the Earth’s crust. Actually performing rehearsed maneuvers during these plunges, however, is another thing entirely. That’s where the Skydive Dubai team comes in. As evidenced by these skydive videos, this team can pull off serious stunts and choreography thousands of feet in the air, and have mastered the art of synchronized tunnel flying. ”The Desert Flyers” represent the new skydive complex in the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai, and are trekking across the globe to showcase their skills on multiple continents. 

Next up is Singapore. The group has already wowed spectators by performing tunnel flying tricks in the Dubai Winter Festival, which ended in early January this year. Now, they’ve come to Asia, where they got together a month ago on the tiny South Pacific Republic of Singapore to show the people off the coast of Malay just what you can do with an air tunnel and a unified group of professional skydivers.

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