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Two-Year-Old Rides His First Wave



Do you remember your first time riding a wave?

Thanks to a little cinematic ingenuity by his dad Chet Hervey, one two-year-old won’t have to. When he’s older (and at this rate surfing giants) he can just press play and watch for himself.

This is what adventure sports are all about: fun in the sun and no fear in the face of danger. Those little waves could really toss around a little guy like the tiny stud seen above! As his dad explains it in the video comments, splashin’ about is what it’s all about. “He will tell you that his favorite part of surfing is ‘wipeout-ing.’ Go figure,”  Hervey says.

He also says his son really was two and a half when the video was shot, despite being endowed with the body and coordination of a four-year-old. The key to getting the little guy out in the water and up? Getting him out early, as soon as he fit in the smallest wetsuit his parents could find.

“We put a life jacket on and sat him on the board before he even realized being scared was an option.”

Those are some dad moves that we heartily endorse.

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