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Unicycle Football rules the concrete gridiron



New sports are created every day, but unicycle football is the most intense to emerge on the action sport scene in some time. First debuting in Texas, unicycle football, a cross between flag football and unicycling, has been taking the public by storm.

Welcome the UFL (Unicycle Football League) to the pantheon of new sports. The sport’s tagline, “pedestrian football is outdated,” is a testimony to the creativeness and unorthodox thinking of its founders.

Players face off on blacktop while pedaling around on their single-wheeled vehicles. They kick and throw the ball around the field, frequently taking spectacular falls in the process. A player is considered down when he fall off the unicycle or has a flag stripped away by an opponent. The rest of the rules go by the “flackle” football standards, meaning the least amount of force to cause an opponent to dismount is allowed. Despite the players’ best efforts, however, hard hits do happen in unicycle football, causing some killer wipeouts.

To go with the theme seen on the traditional gridiron, competitors go by team names like Unicychos and the Gnarwhals. The match seen here pitted the Unicychos against Los Bierdos, in an exemplary contest of single-wheeled mastery.

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