The Adrenalist

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Wakeboard Camera Captures Ridiculous Footage



Wakeboarding as a sport is already a spectacle: you’re cruising around the surface of a lake attached to a rope, set up for huge jumps and gnarly difficulty. But have you ever wondered what it might look like from the perspective of the board? With the help of an awesome wakeboard camera, we take on some waves from the board’s perspective. Chopping through the thick water, the board puts up with a lot in this sport, and this wakeboard video shows it: how the wakeboarder has to basically cut the surface of the water in half to cruise along; how constant the imbalances are; how difficult it is merely to keep the board level and flat on the water. And when these Adrenalists get airborne, it’s remarkable what they’re able to do with that board attached to their feet, and even more remarkable that they’re able to put it back on the top of the water without taking a plunge or wiping out completely.

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