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97-Year-Old Adrenaline Junkie



“Banana” George Blair, so called because of his affinity for the fruit that fills his diet and inspires nearly all his purchases (from yellow cars to tuxedos to wetsuits), is an award-winning, internationally-celebrated barefoot waterskier. And, this year he is ninety-seven years old.

In 1955 , while in Florida undergoing water therapy for a back injury, Blair started waterskiing. It didn’t take long for him to open up two ski schools of his own and, soon after, begin riding wakes without any skis at all. As if waterskiing with nothing but a pair of old, barking dogs wasn’t impressive enough, Blair also continues to downhill ski and snowboard (not barefoot).

He holds the Guinness World Record for oldest barefoot waterskier (I want to know who else even comes close) and is known for holding his tow rope in his teeth.  His stunts might sound over-the-top, but keep in mind that he’s ninety-seven years old!

Check out some video of Banana George for tips on living fast and well. Also, check out his feet. They don’t look that old, which just might be the secret to his success.

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