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What Is The DHL Relay Race?



Said to be the world’s biggest event of its kind, the annual DHL Relay Race is a team fun run, with some 125,000 people competing each year. Teams consist of five runners, each of whom races 5 km along a twisting course. Competitors hold a baton fitted with a chip that logs their race time, and when they cross the finish line, the time is automatically registered before they hand the baton off to the next team member. Once the fifth runner finishes, the team’s collective time is the final score.

The race unravels in three Danish cities: historic Odense, the country’s main port Aarhus, and on August 30, the capital, Copenhagen. According to the race’s sponsor, the parcel firm DHL, runners in 2009 covered some 900,000 km, effectively rounding the planet 20 times.

Every year, some 125,000 people compete in the DHL Relay Race. Yes, you read that right. That’s the entire population of Cambridge, England.

Plus, there will be thousands of spectators in Copenhagen on August 30. Will you be one of them?

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