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What Is Underwater Hockey?



Ice hockey is difficult. The puck is small, the ice is slick and your competition might not be afraid to lose a few teeth.

Underwater hockey is a different kind of difficult. As you might have guessed, it takes place underwater. Humans, as we all know, can’t breathe underwater. Where breathing is impossible, movement is exhausting. Underwater hockey might bonk you out five minutes into your first game. By the halftime whistle, you might be hyperventilating on the sidelines, dripping and begging for mercy.

Equipment and rules are straightforward. Teams of six wield foot-long wooden sticks and push lead pucks across the pool floor toward 9-foot wide goals — all while submerged in 6 to 8 feet of water.

In ice hockey, speed and power are paramount. Underwater, where contact is usually forbidden, teamwork and stamina take precedence.

If you think you’re ready to try underwater hockey, call up your local aquatic center and start a league of your own. You might even be surprised to find out someone has beat you to the puck.

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