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Where The Trail Ends Teaser Footage



The Gobi Desert is a crazy and awesome place: home to gazelles and polecats and the site where the first dinosaur eggs were discovered. Spanning the China-Mongolia border, the Gobi stretches nearly 1,000 miles long and 500 miles wide. It exists because of the “rain shadow” effect caused by the towering Himalayas to the south.

The Gobi has mountains, too. “Real-sized mountains,” as described in episode 2 of “Where the Trail Ends,” a film produced by Red Bull and Freeride Entertainment. Here, the dirt clings like clay to the rock that slopes and cuts in rivulets across the bone dry terrain.

For all these reasons, the Gobi is ideal for mountainbiking: climbing up, finding a line and powering down. See the video above for proof, and be sure to check out the full feature - available later in September and featuring Darren Berrecloth, Cameron Zink, Kurtis Sorge, james Doerfling and others.

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