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Why Do You Ride? Sacred Rides Questions Mountain Bikers



When Sacred Rides asked Adrenalists around the globe why they ride, they weren’t prepared for the answer.

Last year, mountain bike outfitter Sacred Rides posed the question, “why do you ride?” Adrenalists responded, and the result is an extreme montage of clips from mountain bike fanatics who do it for the love of the sport, the fitness is provides and because they just can’t imagine a life without wheels.

Now, Sacred Rides is offering a free mountain bike trip to the Canadian Rockies for a lucky fan who shares their video. To enter Sacred Rides’ mountain bike contest, all you have to do is share the video to any one of your social networks. You can pick from “The Ultimate Canadian Adventure,” which takes MTBers on a vigorous eight-day cruise over the Lizard Range in British Columbia, or “The Rocky Mountain Rambler,” which lasts six days on the slopes of Fernie and Nipika Mountain Resort.

Sacred Rides organizes many other mountain bike adventures, and National Geographic even calls them one of the best adventure travel companies on Earth. The Toronto-based company also takes riders to Slovenia, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, New Zealand, Nepal and pretty much everywhere else a single track trail exists.

The contest ends Aug. 10, so be sure to enter before then.

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