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Is The Force Strong Enough In You?



There are over-engineered, highly functional and useful gadgets… and then there’s stuff that’s just downright cool. This item, while it embraces some qualities of the former, is most definitely a resident of the latter camp. Riding a motorcycle makes you look like a badass, just like the dude in this video (thanks, HawkTK9401).

That’s not opinion, it’s science. You can go bigger though. Why put on your regular, old leathers when you suit up to ride, when you could just as easily hit high gear in style with your very own Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit?

Sure, there were no motorcycles in Star Wars. Those speeder bikes are pretty sweet though, and wearing a Stormtrooper’s body armor while riding your bike puts you one step closer to hurtling at high speeds through the forests of Endor in pursuit of Rebel scum.

Is the Force strong enough in you to make that worth the $1,150 asking price?


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