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Jetman Yves Rossy Makes U.S. Debut In Oshkosh, Wisconsin



Jetman Yves Rossy has been making headlines with his jet-propelled wing since 2006, but this is the first time he’ll take to the skies above the U.S.

The Swiss pilot zoomed into the history books by becoming the first and only person in aviation history to fly with a jet-propelled wing. Defying gravity, the self-described Jetman has amazed the world with his high-flying stunts. At the end of July, Rossy performed his act at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This marks the first time Jetman takes flight the U.S. Rossy was prepared to show America, the birthplace of aviation, how far the art of flying has come since Kitty Hawk.

His first time in the U.S. called for something a little extra special, so Rossy decided to fly alongside a B-17 WWII bomber. Compared to the bomber, the Jetman is a mere speck in the sky, but Rossy has full control during the entire flight. Rossy and the bomber seamlessly cut through the Wisconsin sky, even throwing in a few tricks for good measure.

It is only when the Jetman makes his descent back to the ground after his trip that you see the huge crowd that has gathered to watch the spectacle. The Jetman is growing in popularity, as evidenced by his rockstar-status tour bus.

The Jetman continues to deliver. Check out Rossy’s flight with a passenger plane and his training session with Vince Reffet while you sit in anticipation for his next adventure.

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