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Chilling in North Face’s VE-25 Tent at -60, But Not Chilled



If you’re riding your snowmobile into the icy wilderness for a few days’ getaway, you’re going to want to have a tent handy for staying clear of the open air during those cold, cold nights. REI’s North Face VE-25 tent ranks among the best, as you might have gathered from the $579 price tag. It’s a four-season shelter that’s large enough to fit three people and offers plenty of protection against the snow and blowing winds. Made from waterproof material, the tent also features polyurethane windows than can withstand temperatures of up to -60 degrees Fahrenheit and a pair of storage vestibules for stashing your crap. It’s a bit heavier than your average tent, approaching 12 pounds when fully packed, but that’s what your snowmobile is for. You’ll be chilling, but not chilled, in style with REI’s North Face VE-25.

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