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Sleep In The Trees



Camping isn’t for the birds, but with a Tentsile it can be!

Most camping trips are simple enough: you hike out to your site, erect a tent on the ground, and make a little home away from home for yourself.

Sometimes sleeping on the ground isn’t recommended, however. Inclement weather. Poisonous snakes and/or insects. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Zombies. Whatever the reason is, you don’t want to sleep on the forest floor.

That’s where Tentsile comes it. It’s a suspended tent that can house between two and eight people, depending on which size you get. You’ll need some sturdy trees nearby to set the thing up, as well as some capable climbers to get in and out of it.

But that’s certainly preferable to waking up with a boa constrictor coiled around your neck, right?

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