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Kitesurfing During Tropical Storm Debby



For the past few weeks, Tropical Storm Debby has been ravaging quadrants of US coastline, instilling fear and worry in the hearts and minds of families and insurance companies alike. Always eager to test their abilities among gargantuan swells and cheek-flapping winds, however, the water-loving adrenalists among us have taken advantage of her presence.

For these select few, Debby is less a specter of disaster than an early Christmas gift with a big watery bow. This was especially true for one Remington Beach, Florida kiteboarder who leveraged the storm’s powerful winds to perform a death-defying jump over a pier. Lucky for us, camera-clad onlookers watched in awe.

“He’s obviously a professional,” one says. After tracking the boarder’s well-choreagraphed approach, it certainly seems as though he’s done this before. At least we hope he has. No matter how awesome this looks, trying your luck against a tropical storm is a pastime reserved for the most skilled, or crazy, in our midst. “If the wind were to change direction, he could be in big trouble,” says the video’s narrator. Truer words have never been spoken.

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