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Why Do You Push To Extremes?



WHY – Nikon D4 Release Video from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

Why not? We’re not playing the question game. It’s just that there’s little logic underlying the human compulsion to push to the edge of the natural earth and climb the doorstep of death.

Adventure stars Alex Honnold, Dane Jackson and Rebecca Rusch try to describe the motivation behind what they do. “I wouldn’t say that I’m trying to prove something to people,” Honnold says in the video, “or that I’m trying to prove something to myself. But I’m sure there’s a little bit of both.”

For most, validation is part of the rush. For some, it’s addiction — once you get a taste of the rush, how can you ever stop? But much of the motivation behind adventure will always be shrouded in mystery. And it’s probably best that way.

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