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Tracksuit Flying With Alexander Polli



Alexander Polli is one of only a few men on earth who dare to take on the planet’s most impassable wingsuit routes. When he flirts with death, skimming inches above the treetops and falling backwards into the unknown, he does so with a smile on his face.

This video, shot in New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway, is remarkable for a few reasons. For one, it features some of the more insane wingsuit footage we’ve seen in some time. In fact, his glide just past the 3-minute mark seems to go more horizontal than straight down. The video also features a few tricks we haven’t seen before, including the stick drag at about 1:57 and the slo-mo backwards fall that follows it.

The most remarkable aspect of this video, however, is what Mr. Polli wears in several of the segments featured above: tracking gear. Resembling an oversized tracksuit, the tracking gear inflates with air and helps those who wear it “track” or glide through the sky using wind resistance. The tracksuit, however, only offers a fraction of the resistance that one can achieve in a wingsuit. For this reason, it can pose a challenge.

“Proximity flying in tracking gear leaves even less margin for error and requires a more specific choice of flyable lines. If you get too deep, you don’t have wings to help you get out,” explains Polli.

Luckily, this time around, Polli does get out. For a less skilled flyer, results may vary.

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