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Wakeskating: Extreme Sport Combo



Bungee BMX’ing? No no, that wouldn’t work. How about wingboarding? That doesn’t even make sense. How about… wakeskating? Ah, now we’re on to something.

Born out of an epic extreme sport combo, “wakeskating” has made its way onto the Adrenalist scene in a big way (even more so than when we saw We Are More Than Machines this past winter).  Part wakeboarding, part, well, you know, skateboarding, it’s one of the coolest summer pastimes we’ve heard of in a while.

Wakeskaters are sometimes motored around by boat, like in wakeboarding, but are often pulled by a winch or cable system. Binding-less boards allow tricksters’ full-stunting maneuverability (an awesome but challenging deviation from wakeboarding), no matter if they’re ollying off special courses’ ramps and rails or improvising on the open water.

Now check out this video of some talented watersport pioneers doing their thing and take notes for your family’s annual summer vacation. Whether you’re as good as these guys or not, we’re pretty sure the crowd you are trying to impress won’t believe their eyes.

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