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Extreme Gear for Extreme Boating



Ice boating requires a very specific set of conditions, namely a large body of water and weather that’s cold enough to freeze it over. It’s one of the greatest speed rushes you can get from any extreme winter activity on flat land, with speeds of more than 100 miles per hour not just possible, but common!  It’s also a very crafting-oriented hobby, since ice boaters tends to build their own ride using different sets of schematics, broken down by class. No matter which class you’re riding in though, it can’t hurt to have a GPS readout constantly alight in front of your eyeballs, right? Zeal Optics will reveal its new line of Transcend GPS Goggles next month. There’s no price yet, but a pair of these puppies will surely come in handy when you’re cruising across a massive icy lake at 100mph. Anything to make your love of extreme winter weather sports feel more like a video game, right?

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