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The Key to an Extreme Winter



Whether you’re interested in wingsuits or kite snowboarding or simply flinging yourself off of the nearest mountaintop and floating lazily to the ground, the common tool for many extreme winter activities is a BASE jumping parachute. It just comes with the territory when you’re going to be messing around at the tops of snow-capped mountains. Apex Base is one of the top companies for such supplies, though note that you’ll need to buy both a container and a canopy get what you need. Most Apex containers run for around $800, but a $1,300 model offers additional space for non-chute gear like climbing equipment. You’ll spend at least $1,500 on a canopy, but the $2,400 UltraLite model offers significantly reduced weight. Look at it like this: what’s an extra $1,000 for a more comfortable device that will also save your life.



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