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Torch T1 Reflective Helmet Preview



Having proper lighting has always been a problem for nighttime sports, and it’s a necessity for nighttime biking. Reflectors keep the cars at bay, illuminating your otherwise stealthy and noiseless ride in the glare of headlights, but, sometimes, that just isn’t enough. How about, then, you go with a front-mounted light source? Sounds cumbersome, right? Well, a new (and nearly funded) Kickstarter project offers a much cooler alternative.

The Torch is a bicycle helmet with an integrated lighting system. Built-in front and rear lenses catch projected LED light and cast it out at wider viewing angles for increased visibility. A minimum pledge of $80 on Kickstarter will assure you a Torch when they start shipping, which is expected to be in October 2012. Act now to be one of the first nighttime bikers to sport a Torch helmet for your poorly lit adventures.

You’ll be a master of nighttime cycling in no time.

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