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Warrior’s Liverpool FC Kit Debut



Warrior Liverpool FC Kit

Fans of the Liverpool Football Club have some new gear to look forward to in Warrior’s newly launched Liverpool FC kit. The officially licensed gear is inspired by the team’s uniform from the 1964/65 season, though the embroidered amber yellow Liver Bird crest is a nod to the team’s peak years, spanning from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. The idea with this design is to honor the team’s rich and successful history.

There’s a high-tech twist to the Liverpool FC kit as well, one which offers a bit of added allure for the soccer-loving Adrenalist. The kit is designed using War-Tech, an eco-friendly Warrior design process that is built around Scafe, a fast-drying antimicrobial fabric made with coffee grounds that offers odor control and UV protection.

The kit’s shirt is designed to be water-resistant and it features a four-way stretch mesh that offers an improved range of movement and air flow.

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