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Time Is An Illusion



The selling point for most wristwatches is convenience. With a cellphone in everyone’s pocket and a tablet in most briefcases, wearing a timepiece on your wrist has become pretty redundant. Kisai’s Optical Illusion LCD watch embraces that redundancy by giving you a stylish timepiece that’s more of a conversation-starter than a time-check tool.

The digital watch face presents the time as a Magic Eye-style optical illusion, flashing the actual numbers every 20 seconds. There’s also a button you can press that will show the time whenever you choose.

Remember: the key to these things is to just unfocus your eyes. Look past the image. Stare around it, not directly at it. Blink as infrequently as possible. Do all of that within 20 seconds though, since the numbers flashing in will probably break the illusion.

The Kisai Optical Illusion LCD watch sells for $199,.

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