The Adrenalist

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Drive Like An Adrenalist



As adrenalists, we’re usually on the go—climbing, jumping, diving, hanging, blasting off. But every now and then, we take a break from living adventure. It’s at these times when we turn to our TV sets for the heart-pumping action we crave and few things get us more jazzed than some good old-fashioned driving stunts.

Doing donuts on a packed expressway. Careening off a ramp, wheels smoking over stunned onlookers’ heads. Crashing through storefront windows. Many of the best action movie sequences are carried on the backs of automobile acrobatics. Some of what we see is CGI, sure. But a lot of it’s not. For the stuff that’s really happening, executed by the hands of carefully trained stunt people, there’s a lot of prep that goes into making sure all those screeching 360 spins go off without a hitch. And who provides that prep? More than likely the California based Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School (RSDS).

Founded by veteran stunt driver Rick Seaman, RSDS has taught over 1,200 film and television industry professionals (from actors to stunt people), and boasts “the most extensive three-day stunt driving experience in the world today”— Super Level I.

Other courses include: Front & Rear Wheel Drive Stunt Cars, Slalom & Obstacle Courses, Forward & Reverse Spins, High Speed Reverse Driving, E-Brake and Throttle Drifting, High Speed 270 & 360 spins, and an overwhelming list of others. In addition to entertainment-focused training, RSDS also provides intensives on chauffeuring VIP clients in situations where threat evasion and anti-terrorist maneuvers might be necessary.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “I’m not a chauffeur and don’t have my SAG card so will I ever learn to properly e-brake-drift up to a beautiful woman in distress, pop open the door, and say ‘Get in’?” The answer, friends, is yes. With classes starting at around $1,200, anyone able to pony up enough cash can live out what they’ve only ever watched on screen.

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