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3RUN Parkour Invades Shanghai



For those that want to get somewhere in the most fashionable, outrageous way possible, using only the body parts you were born with, you must like parkour.

The guys on the 3RUN crew are putting together a film which is due to release in 2012 or 2013, and they just released this preview. In the preview, you can get a glimpse at their recent adventures from Shanghai. The crew has a fun, enjoyable energy that can be witnessed throughout the whole video as they practice their stunts and as they bounce and flip through the city. You can only help but notice the spectator’s reactions to 3RUN’s ninja like moves and enjoyment of walking on their hands.

I guess if you can walk on your hands, why not right? After watching the video, you can understand how these movements can be turned into a film, which will attract the attention of Adrenalists all over the globe.

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