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Zip Line At St. Augustine Alligator Farm



Now, even you can nearly get eaten by an alligator. All you need is $25 and a trip to St. Augustine, Florida’s Crocodile Crossing, one of a rising number of Florida-based gator zip-line courses that place thrill-seekers just 30-50 feet above pits of the dead-eyed, flesh-gnawing beasts. Full disclosure: you probably won’t actually be eaten by gators, but you’ll almost certainly feel like you’re in a new Indiana Jones installment while traveling Crocodole Crossing’s grounds, consisting of numerous ziplines, flimsy cable bridges, staircases made to look old and dangerous (some are missing stairs), and a host of other thematically appropriate, lost world-type crossings.

The Florida Times Union reports that course visitors are harnessed to safety lines that run throughout the length of trails and given heavy duty gloves to safely and painlessly grip cables and zip lines. Once you complete the 45-minute-long journey, pop up to the more harrowing 90-minute adventure with double the ziplining opportunities (6 instead of 3). Fair warning: you’ll need $40 more, and twice the courage.

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