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Josh Sheehan Backflips With Fan



Josh Sheehan

Natalya Platonova was recently selected from two other finalists, Will Steevenson and Dave Compton, as part of Red Bull’s Travis Pastrana promotion, “Challenge Travis,” where random fans are selected (in order to enter, you have to be under 168 pounds and 5’10″) to compete and participate in the Nitro Circus Challenge.

Natalya, as one of the three finalists, agreed to kick things off on the promotional tour (which is expected to continue with the next event in Manchester, this December) with Moto-X rider, Josh Sheehan, during the Pro Nationals contest in Kent. Oh, did we forget to mention Josh would be performing a backflip while Natalya was on the front of the bike?

That’s right. Natalya was selected to ride on the front of Josh’s bike as he went up the ramp and flipped backwards through the air before landing right-side-up on the other ramp. Up until that point, Josh had never performed the stunt without the safety of a foam pit, but he’s a young star on the Freestyle Moto-X Tour, so his enthusiasm to try something new isn’t very surprising. Natalya, however, is just a fan, so it was pretty audacious of her to accept the challenge. The 22 year old didn’t have much time to get ready before Travis revved the bike’s gears. She told the UK’s Metro Newspaper. ”I had about five minutes to get ready so there was no time to get nervous…I just got on the bike and off I went. When we were going up the ramp I had no time to feel scared because it was instant. When we landed I just lifted my arms up – it was the best experience ever,” said Natalya.

After filling out the appropiate paperwork and waivers, Natalya climbed on the front of the bike for one of the most incredible experiences of her young life. Congrats to Natalya, she’s an Adrenalist through and through.

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