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Kite Buggying: The Power Of Wheels And Wind



If you’ve already attempted kiteboarding, then you’re probably ready for another activity involving kites and adrenaline. Kite buggying is the newest addition to our growing list of bona fide extreme past times and it’s pretty intense. Just check out YouTube user MrWojt1 ripping up the dunes and see for yourself.

Sometimes referred to as sand kiting, kite buggying is rumored to have been invented in China during the 13th Century, but it didn’t appear in the U.S. and U.K. until the 70s. The sport involves hunkering down inside a three-wheeled buggy, situated low to the ground, while letting a formidably-sized kite pull the buggy at speeds of up to 80 mph (check out the world record here). Kite lines are not attached to the buggy, but rather held by or harnessed to the Adrenalist inside.

Other variations of kite buggying include freestyle, where a buggy pilot performs on-land buggy tricks while flying his kite, and buggy jumping, where a buggy pilot harnesses himself to his buggy and uses a larger-than-standard kite to make himself airborne. The greatest dangers involved with all variations of the sport stem from buggy vehicles’ lack of brakes and the unpredictability and volatility of wind currents, kite buggy pilots’ sole means of movement.

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