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The Best Wingsuit Ever? Vampire V5 Wingsuit Set For Release



Reports are trickling out around the web about a brand new wingsuit that promises to give pilots more glide and control, and just may be the best wingsuit on the market by the end of the year. That wingsuit would be the Vampire 5, or V5, the next high-performance setup in a line of vampire wingsuits developed by renowned outfitter Phoenix Fly, whose Vampire 4 is currently the standard among among expert proximity flyers. Will the V5 be the best wingsuit ever? To get pumped for the V5 release, check out the awesome video of the Vampire series wingsuit in action above.

EpicTV got a first look at the V5, speaking with Phoenix Fly founder and expert freefaller Robert Pecnik, who divulged a few details about the bleeding-edge suit. ”We took the V4 as a template and polished it,” Pecnik told EpicTV. “Changed vents with faster pressurization. Changed the leg wing to make it stronger and more pressurized. Also, changed the balance and angle of the arms to get a better glide ratio.”

Those alterations make for a new kind of flying, according to those who have tried out the V5.

One pilot, who goes by the alias “Mikki_ZH” on message boards, has logged between 150 and 200 jumps with his V4 and got a chance to try out the V5 at Mt. Brento in Italy earlier this month. One of the biggest differences between the V4 and V5 is the V5′s quicker inflation – the suit catches the wind much faster than its predecessor. ”This is maybe not so important for skydiving,” he notes at

Another beta tester is equally impressed. User “NerwOlek” writes at, “With my last V4 I was jumping 2 years and I thought that you can’t make perfect suite more perfect. I was wrong.”

Pushing the status quo of what was once considered perfect is what adventure sports are all about. That, and adrenaline. The Vampire 5 will likely be available for purchase at Phoenix Fly later this year.

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