The Adrenalist

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Martial-Arts Inspired Gymnasts



Dancing is not a pursuit that generally carries much sense of the extreme, but a few intrepid individuals have taken dancing and infused it with the finesse and form of martial arts. At the GIGA Gathering in Germany, they have created an adrenaline-pumping hybrid sport. As they take the mat, the dancers/martial artists whirl around as though they’re fighting invisible enemies. At the same time, it’s more like they’re trying to dazzle enemies into backing down through intimidation and jaw-dropping techniques. In most martial arts, practitioners will release a “Kiai” or a “spirit yell” to intimidate the opponent. There’s a sense of show to these attacks along with a knowledge that, if necessary, they could be put to a very different purpose. For now, though, the experts are just having some fun with their friends.

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